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Questions about our bushfire sprinkler system

Will a bushfire sprinkler system save my home in a bushfire?

No bushfire sprinkler system should be relied upon as a stand-alone solution to the threat of bushfire.

Our system is designed to aid in the prevention of ember attack and should always be used in conjunction with all other recommended bushfire protection methods.

Due to the unpredictable nature of bushfires, Great Ocean Plumbing does not and cannot guarantee that a property with a correctly deployed sprinkler system will not be affected in the event of a bushfire.

Why does my bushfire sprinkler system need to be custom built?

Everyone’s needs are different. From your specific fire-risk environment, to your available water supply and everything in between, we need to consider every factor to ensure that our system will provide optimal protection for your home.

Why is mist better than sprinklers?

We believe that a dense shield of mist is the best way to defend, where possible, against ember attack. Mist creates a wet microclimate around your home, extinguishing embers on contact. We also recommend mist heads because they maximise the system’s running time and minimise the risk of wind dispersal and evaporation, which can render alternative designs – such as butterfly or impact sprinklers – ineffective.

Can you install a bushfire sprinkler system in a new build?

Yes. Systems can be installed discreetly in the roof interior in a new build, or affixed to the exterior as they would be with an existing building.

Why use copper and brass fittings?

We use the finest quality materials in our bushfire sprinkler systems. Our systems are constructed from copper pipe with brass fittings to provide durability, low maintenance, a long service life and the design flexibility required to suit buildings of all shapes and sizes.

Our brass mist heads have no moving parts. Alternative designs, such as impact or butterfly sprinklers, have moving parts that are susceptible to corrosion, which can render them inactive. Our mist heads are easily and efficiently removed and serviced, should any blockage occur.

Do I need a stand-alone water supply?

Yes, you will require a passive water source. In the event of a bushfire, mains water cannot be relied upon to deliver water to your system.

Our bushfire sprinkler system can be designed to draw water from any existing water sources on your property, such as swimming pools, dams, tanks etc. Alternatively, we can install a new tank with the sprinkler system.

Great Ocean Plumbing recommends that customers consider increasing their water source capacity to extend system operating times. Talk to us about your options.

How can we activate our bushfire sprinkler system if we are not home?

Our systems can be activated remotely via SMS.

In addition to remote activation, we can install a heat activation ring main around the perimeter of your property as an extra safeguard for activating your bushfire sprinkler system. The heat activation ring is comprised of heat sensors, which can be installed in fire-prone areas with dense vegetation. These sensors will trigger your fire pump and deploy your sprinkler system in the event of a fire.

Always remember, the safety of you and your family is paramount, and in the event of a bushfire, the safest place to be is as far away as possible.

Will the system work if the electricity fails?

Yes. Our system is powered by a petrol or diesel pump. It does not require mains electricity to function.

How long will the system run once activated?

The hydraulic performance of your system is calculated to accurately determine its operating time, and all systems are designed to provide a minimum of 1 hour’s operating time at the optimum running pressure of the system.

Great Ocean Plumbing recommends that customers consider increasing their water source capacity to extend system operating times. Talk to us about your options.

How does wind impact the system?

Bushfires in Australia are becoming increasingly intense and unpredictable. We know that bushfires are regularly accompanied by high winds, and that wind-driven embers and debris can arrive long before the fire-front does. We believe that the dense shield of mist created by our system will provide the optimal level of defence against wind-driven ember attack.

How much does a bushfire sprinkler system cost?

Our systems are custom built to meet your requirements. Contact us to arrange a site visit and let’s talk about how we can help you.

Do you service all of Victoria?

Yes. Even though we call the Great Ocean Road home, we love to travel. We offer state-wide service on our bushfire sprinkler systems so don’t hesitate to contact us if you live somewhere else.

More questions?

Feel free to give us a call. We’re always happy to chat about what you need and how we can help.